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Hair Updo

Jun 2013

Finding the right hairstyle for that special occasion can be a big choice. No matter whether it is your wedding day or a formal work party, looking your best is always your top priority and you should pay just as much attention to your hair as you do your dress. After all you want to look your best on your special occasion.


So how can you find the perfect updo to suit your personality and style of dress?


The good news is there are lots of great stylists here that can do your hair for you or teach you how to do your perfect updo. Most updo hair styles are pretty simple, and with the right products and tips, nothing is impossible!


There are so many updo styles to choose from, there are rolls and twists, swirls and knots, elegant and dressy, or trendy and messy... There are tons of different buns to choose from, and from formal to funky, there is definitely something for everyone.


Even if you have shorter hair, there are many ways to get your hair into an updo. So wether you want to get your hair off your neck on a hot steamy day/night or just want to look different for that special occasion, an updo hair style is the perfect way to do just that.


Be proactive and take the time to come in sometime in the days or weeks before your special occasion to discuss details with your stylist. Have in mind the occasion, venue, and your style of dress. A great way to find unique updo/formal styles is to browse through your salons style books. Together you and your stylist can decide what style will be best suited not just for the occasion but for your features and dress on that day.


If you choose to leave the decision making for the big day, remember that finding a style that way rather than letting your stylist guide you may take a little bit longer, so extra time will need to be allocated for your service.


No matter which way you decide on, relax and enjoy. Your stylist will ensure that you get a perfect, formal (– or funky!) do that will be the envy of the party.


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