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Holiday Make-Up

Jun 2013

Holiday parties and fancy dresses are everywhere this time of year. Is your make-up ready for a night out?


Here are a few simple make-up steps that will enhance your natural beauty without making you look like something that belongs on the tree!


Prepare your canvas...


The creative process of make-up application is always done in stages.


• Always start with a clean, moisturized face.
• Apply your foundation to your entire face. This will give your skin a consistent and even tone.
• Choose a foundation as close to your natural skin colour as possible. Remember to blend around the jaw and neck line. You want your face and neck to be the same colour!
• Apply your concealer then tap carefully with your fingertip around the edges to blend.
• Ideally your concealer should be the same shade or one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.
• After foundation and concealer comes powder.
• Apply powder lightly over entire face – don’t forget under your eyes as it will set your concealer and prevent creasing.




Before applying your eye shadow decide on the focal point for your face. Do you want dramatic smoky eyes or dark pouty lips? Usually if your focal point is your lips, you will want to downplay your eye area and vise versa if you want your eyes to be noticed first.


Be adventurous! Experiment with different colours and liners to discover the appropriate look for your evening out.


• Choose colours from the same family, just in different hues.
• Apply shadow first, liner and then mascara.
• Blend, blend, blend – but don’t over blend! You want to blend any harsh lines of colour into your make-up without making your shadow look smudgy.
• Lightly brush a layer of powder over your eyes to set the shadow and liner before applying your mascara.




Choose a colour in a shade that compliments your skin tone. Apply it on areas that you would actually blush. This will give you a natural glow without looking over made-up.




• For long lasting lips apply a dab of foundation to lips and blend in, then dust with powder.
• To avoid an obvious line, choose a lip liner that is the same colour or a little darker than your lips.
• Keep lips together when lining. Start lining at center of upper lip toward corners. Repeat on lower lip. Part lips to make sure upper and lower lip lines meet at corners.
• Fill in entire lip area with liner then apply powder again.
• For best control of your lipstick application, apply lipstick with a lip brush.
• For the look of kissable, shiny lips, apply liner just above your natural lip line and fill in with lip colour. Then with your finger, dot a small amount of white shadow onto the center of bottom lip and follow with lip gloss.


Put your best face forward this holiday season.

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