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Niko Customized Haircare & Mineral Cosmetics

Niko Hair care & Mineral Cosmetics


Niko's Natural Hair Care Line is a series of hair and scalp nurturing products that are 'custom blended' to care for each individual's hair and scalp conditions.Niko's hair cleansing and treatment products do not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride (salt), Parabens, fillers or perfumes. Sulfates are commonly used as oil stripping detergents and salts are normally used as product thickeners. Prolonged use of these substances stresses the hair and scalp, resulting in dry, dull and unmanageable hair and can cause flaky and itchy scalp. The added 'custom formulations of essential oils' give the shampoo and conditioner its unique scent 'personality'.The result is lustrous, greater body and velvety smooth hair.Careful thought went into developing a line that treats and enhances the hair without testing on animals and negatively impacting on the environment. Niko's Shampoo is bio-degradable, this means the run-off of daily shampooing will get assimilated into our the environment without harming its waterways, creatures and plant life. Recycling is also of the upmost concern for Niko Cosmetics. These hair care bottles can be recycled by the local recycling programs.