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Thermal Ionic vs Keratin

Jun 2017



Confused with the different chemical services your salon provides?

Here is a bit more of a break down to help you understand the differences between Thermal Ionic and Keratin Treatments.




The Thermal Ionic is a Permanent hair Straightening system. 


-  It is recommended for thick, curly, wavy or frizzy hair.

-  It will straighten the hair, eliminate frizz and make the hair much more manageable. 

-  Once straightened, hair will not go back to its frizzy or curly form, although any new hair growth will maintain the natural texture of your hair.

-  It can be done on colored hair however we do not recommend it for relaxed hair. 

-  Along with the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type this

treatment will cut your styling time down in half! 

-  It permanently straightens the hair, but will need to be done on the re-growth every 6-8 month depending on how fast your hair grows. 




A Keratin treatment (in some cases called the Brazilian Blow Out) is a Smoothing Treatment System. 


It can be done on ALL hair types and acts as a deep conditioning treatment that leaves the hair shiny with minimal to no frizz.
Keratin which is the main ingredient in this treatment is what our hair is made up of which helps to restore broken keratin bonds

down leaving the hair manageable and easy to blow dry, with a smoother finish.  
This treatment can be maintained by using the recommended salt free Shampoos & conditioners and sulfate free products used with it. 
This treatment lasts anywhere from 2-6 months depending on the porosity of your hair and your life style.-
Keratin Treatments are safe for all kinds of chemically treated hair.


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