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What are Facial Chemical Peels?

Sep 2023
Facial Chemical peels are a renewing cosmetic procedure that helps to reduce signs of aging on your face.
Facial peels involve the application of different enzymes & chemicals to exfoliate damaged skin. There are different types of facial peels on the market depending on the person’s skin needs.
Examples are Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels, Glycolic Acid peels, Lactic Acid peels, Jessners Peel, and Salicylic Acid peel to name a few.
Your Skincare specialist can work with you to determine the type of
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Summer Proof Your Hair

Aug 2023
Overexposure to salt & chlorine water and sun can translate to dry, dull looking hair and result in major fading for coloured treated hair.

The following tips will help you keep your hair looking fabulous all seasons long!

USE PROTECTION: Put on a hair mask or treatment before getting your hair wet at the beach/pool. This will create a protecting barrier between your hair and the elements. And ALWAYS use a leave in conditioner before styling!

CLEANSE CAREFULLY: Use the right shampoo and
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Getting ready for YOUR SUMMER Special Occasions!

Jul 2023
Getting ready for YOUR Special Occasions!
With Grand Cayman being a hot spot for Weddings, Gala’s and Prom’s I want to share with you some of my top tips on looking and feeling your best for your special occasion.

1. Plan in advance! If a big event is coming up then I guarantee your favorite Salon/Spa will get booked up very quickly. Always make sure you book in for your appointments well in advance! Note to brides: Don’t forget to book in for your hair & make-up trials also to ensure you ge
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Your dream PROM!

Jun 2023
Are you ready for your PROM?

You may not live in Hollywood, but prom night is truly your red carpet moment. Your dress, your shoes, your make-up, your hairdo—everything must be perfect. The team at Eclipze offers these tips to help make your dream prom come through!

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May 2023
4 Benefits of Dry Body Brushing

Most people are confused when they hear Dry Body Brushing; is there really such a thing?? It may seem that body & brushing don’t go together however this is a very economical little treat that you can do for yourself at home that has many benefits.

What can it really do? Here are 4 Benefits of Dry Body Brushing:
1. It Can Help Boost Your Lymphatic System
Unlike your circulatory and cardiovascular system, your lymphatic system does not have a heart to naturally a
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