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Fight Against Pre - Mature Wrinkles!

Jul 2019
It's a fact of life - Everyone will eventually get wrinkles. There are many things that can be done to reduce or delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without extreme measures such as plastic surgery.

• Tan in moderation. The majority of undesirable skin changes associated with aging is the result of sun exposure. One of the most important things you can do is use sunscreen daily to protect against photo aging. The underlying collagen and elastic support of the skin breaks down becau
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Men's Grooming 101

Jun 2019
With most beauty tips & guides focused on women, it's not always easy for men to know how to look after themselves
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May 2019
Men, are you in need of some quick grooming tips to stay on point?
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Do YOU really need a CONSULTATION?

Apr 2019
The simple answer is YES! The Consultation is your time to tell your stylist/technician all your likes and dislikes, even down to the use of products you may or may not like on your hair, skin or nails.

The main purpose of the consultation is for you and your service provider to connect and understand each other so that you can avoid ever leaving the Salon/Spa feeling disappointed with your service.

If you are going to see your hair stylist, bring pictures! Most likely you will not find
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Hair Loss Prevention

Mar 2019
Hair Loss Prevention
Do you wash your hair less because you think it will prevent your hair from falling out?
I would like to share with you that this is a myth!
It is recommended to wash your scalp / hair at least one more time than normal if you are experiencing hair loss.
The top reasons why people lose their hair are:

Genetic (hereditary), hormones, poor diet, health & medications for different types of illness e.g. anti-depressants, cholesterol and high blood pressure drugs to name a f
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