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Christmas Gift Ideas For Men & Women

Nov 2022
Christmas Gift Ideas For Men & Women

Why work harder when we can take the stress out of it for you?

Make this holiday season easy for you.

“Give your loved ones a treat they will LOVE”!

CUSTOMIZED GIFT CERTIFICATES Can be purchased in Dominations from $25 & up. They can be made to suit your budget or needs.
A customized certificate is a great way to make your Christmas shopping a lot easier for your loved ones!

It is also a good way to say “Thank You” to empl
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What is a Keratin Hair Treatment?

Nov 2022
Most of you have heard about Keratins by now, but do you know what it is? Keratin is a protein which the hair is made up of. When the hair is lacking in keratin this causes it to be dry, frizzy, tangled, and dull.

By having a Keratin Treatment, you will feed your hair and in turn make it healthier, shinier, tangle and frizzy free.

There are many companies out there that still sell/use Keratin’s that are made up of old technology, but today I will share with you the benefits of a formaldehyde
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What is a Manicure with a Paraffin Treatment?

Oct 2022
It’s a Manicure that includes a Paraffin Wax Treatment. The wax is often mixed with essential oils like lavender, tea tree, peppermint, or aloe vera to double the benefits in the process and give it a soothing scent.

You’ve probably noticed “Paraffin” on your Salon’s Menu, and you’ve also probably wondered what Paraffin was.

Paraffin Wax is anti-aging treatment (amongst other benefits) for hands that is both therapeutic & economical.

Did you know your hands can age you?

Most of us focus o
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Are you experiencing Dry or Cracked Heels?

Sep 2022
Are you experiencing dry or cracked heels?

One of the most common problems people have with their feet is dry or cracked heels.

There are several reasons that makes this occur and some are due to the lack of essential oils, vitamins and wearing open toe/heel shoes which leaves the foot exposed to dirt, & bacteria from the environment.

To help you maintain soft & beautiful feet here are some tips on how to prevent dry or cracked heels!

• Get a Pedicure done twice or at least once a month to
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Get that FACIAL GLOW for a lifetime!

Aug 2022
Most Facials follow a similar procedure— Skin analysis, cleanse, steam, exfoliate, extract, massage, mask-hydrate. Some will have a treatment or added tool used, depending on your skin's individual needs.

There are several different types of Facials on the market that are designed towards different skin needs. Examples are Facials for aging & firming, lymphatic drainage, acne breakouts, dullness & dry skin to name a few.

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