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Which Hair Extension to choose to from?

Apr 2017



You don’t have to wait months for your hair to grow. Long, silky, great looking, hair can be yours today.

But if you are anything like me then you are probably overwhelmed by the many different Hair Extensions there are available on the market today!


Well here are brief description of some of my favourite ones to help you understand the world of extensions a bit better!


At Eclipze we offer Easihair Pro (Easilinks), Fusion Extensions by Ultratress, Weaves, Bonding & Micro Links.


Weaves are tiny braids like cornrows they hold the hair extensions against the scalp with the use of thread, except these are hidden. With care it can last up to six weeks.


Bonding - The extensions used for this method are glued to your own scalp for short term use. Because this method is fast it's also inexpensive. However, to remove extensions, oil must be used to dissolve the bonding agent. If not removed with care the latex can pull your own hair out, so it is recommended to be done by a professional stylist. With care it can last up to two weeks.


Micro links - Uses a metal tube clamped over the real hair to attach extension hair. Experts don't recommend this method for fine hair. These can last up to 5 months with care.


Fusion -There are two types of fusion. The first method is done with the aid of a heating device; the glue is heated to a temperature that is warm enough for your hair to withstand it without damage and then added to the extension. The extensions are added in very small sections of the hair with the aid of this melted glue. The other method is done with the use of a keratin glued tip already attached on the extensions. With the aid also of a heating device the glue is melted and firmly attached to the hair while using yours fingers to roll and hold the glue in place on to your hair. Fusion is easy to maintain and does not damage your natural ..hair. This method can withstand both heat and chemical treatments. With care it can last up to five months.


And then my favourite! Easi-Hair Tape-In Extensions - use panels that are micro thin, flat and soft against the head, not hard round and bulky. Tape in extensions are the most natural because the micro thin wefted panels housing the 100% human hair closely assimilates  the scalp hair pattern and growth; unlike small clusters of hair attached in clumps. Tape-in hair extensions are safe because they distribute the extension weight over a greater area displacing the weight evenly.  


Just remember that as your own hair grows out the extensions will need to be redone. For best results, the Stylist should be a licensed Cosmetologists.

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