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COMBAT COVID-19 by receiving a Manicure now!

Oct 2021

Nail hygiene is an often overlooked and important potential component of disease transmission through contact.  With that said it is even more important now to practice proper nail grooming so that we can all do our part in limiting the spread of COVID -19.

We therefore recommend that nails are kept shorter, and we emphasize deeper cleansing of the underneath of your nail as part of continued proper handwashing.

This is where receiving a regular manicure can be important.

· A manicure will have your hands and nails always looking good and in shape.

· Regular manicures help to keep your skin hydrated which also helps to prevent you from getting split and brittle nails.

· Manicures also help to prevent you from having dry cuticles and hang nails.

· When receiving a manicure, the stimulation from your hand & arm massage involved helps to encourage good circulation and blood flow in your skin.

· The regular cleansing of your hands during a manicure can help you to free your hands & nails of germs and to detect & prevent nail funguses.

· Your hands are one of the most delicate and thin skin areas on your body. It will always look younger if you take extra good care of the skin on them.

· Time spent receiving a manicure can also be a great stress reliever, so this is an extra added benefit.

· Remember when washing your hands to count 1 -20.


Let’s help to prevent COVID - 19 with a hand wash a time!


Manicures are also a nice and healthy treat for your friends, family, or yourself when you want to indulge them or you.

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