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Covid 19 Rules & Regulations for our Industry.

Sep 2021

Dear Valued Clients,

We have decided to reintroduce you to several of our Covid 19 national Rules & Regulations for our industry.The safety of our team and our customers is essential to us. In return we ask some commitments from you for the safety of us all.   


Cleanliness of Workplace:

. We have re-trained our staff on essential infection control and hand hygiene practices.

· We will continue to wipe down with disinfectant common areas and items touched after every use to stop the spread of the virus.

· We will frequently disinfect physical touch points and frequently shared objects such as credit card machinery, pens, door handles.

· We will discontinue the practice of hand shaking and other non-essential contact.

· We will continue to be available to engage with our customers via telephone to prepare and process orders thereby allowing for quick and efficient pick-up of essentials.

· We will continue to work closely with our professional cleaning team who clean our store on a regular basis.

· We have painted our Salon & Day Spa with Hospital graded paint to help control the spread of germs.


Protection, Masks & Hygiene:

· All clients will be asked to fill out a short health waiver on arrival.

. We ask that children be left at home if they do not have an appointment.

· We request that children wear a mask when coming for an appointment.

· We have acquired appropriate personal protective equipment to be used when necessary or requested.

· We will require you to sanitize your hands upon entry into ECLIPZE with the sanitizer or hot towels.

· We will continue to launder and/or disinfect all capes, towels, and linens after each use.

· We will remove any non-essential items throughout our business.

· We have initiated contactless methods of scheduling and payment.

· We will require personal protective equipment (mandatory use of a mask or face covering) for both staff and customers seeking to enter the store.


Staff & Customer Interaction:

· Please ask for assistance from your technician or the front desk coordinators with retail.

. We will reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distancing.

· A social distance of 6 feet will be maintained where possible.

· We will limit customer interactions to avoid close and prolonged contact

. We ask that cash tips must be handed into the front desk at the time of cash out.


We thank you for your attention and cooperation with the above and hope you & your family are staying safe.


Call us at 9167274 / 9451188 or email us at: if you have not yet been scheduled in.


For more information and to stay current visit  our Social Media Pages.



Team Eclipze look forward to seeing you all!



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