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Nov 2021

Just in time for a big day or a festive occasion.

Having the right tools, but also the knowledge is key to success to your New Hair investment. It is important to fully understand what your hair is made of and how to care for your NEW hair.


These five tips below will set you up to better care for your longer, fuller hair:


Pull your hair back while sleeping or swimming:

This is to help eliminate your new hair from tangling. It doesn't need to be a tight bun or ponytail; it can be loosely braided or held together in a relaxed way. We also recommend a silk pillowcase as it is better in reducing friction to the hair while sleeping.


Brush your hair everyday:

“We cannot emphasize this enough to first-time hair extension wearers”.

You may think that you are not allowed to brush or touch your hair, and this is completely incorrect. If you are scared or worried about this, it is important to ask your hair extensionist to show you how to properly brush it out.

A special brush is recommended for you to use and it is good for you to brush from the roots to the ends. This brush is designed to comb right through and over the hair attachments safely, while detangling the hair.


Be careful of attachment points while styling:

Tape in & Bond Extensions lay flat to the head and can be worn in many different styles, so these are very popular ways to add volume, length & texture to your hair. But use caution while using hot styling tools, because this can affect the glue and bonding points. Once again ask your extensionist during your appointments how to easily and properly curl, blow dry and flat iron your own hair.


Use correct hair products for your extensions:

It is always best to get your extensionist to recommend products for your at home care. These products are crucial for maintaining the bonds as well as helping to bring out the beautiful shine in your hair. If the wrong products are used, the bonds etc can be affected and this can cause build up or dryness to the ends of the hair.


See your Hair Extensionist (Specialist) for your regular scheduled maintenance appointments:

We recommend scheduling your hair extensions maintenance every 4-6 weeks. Doing this will eliminate the roots of the shed hair in between the bonds from creating knots, dreadlocks etc. to form. This is crucial to ensure you get a safe and long-time wear from your hair investment.


To find out which method best suits your lifestyle call and schedule your FREE consultation now or for more information call ECLIPZE HAIR DESIGN & DAY SPA at 945-1188 / 9167274 or email us at