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Mar 2021


Most people are striving for perfect health, which includes having healthy looking skin and a fit body with a youthful glow. Body Treatments are often the service that gets overlooked, however they are extremely beneficial to us. They provide natural healing benefits & instant results.


Starting with an Exfoliation This Improves blood and lymph circulation, which helps fight cellulite, and removes dead skin cells, exposing a supple layer of younger skin. It is perfect as a pre-holiday treat to promote glowing skin and helps your tan stay twice as long.


Covered in a Body Wrap To feel cocooned in a self-heating mud wrap is unlike no other, it is heavenly…The mud used in a lot of these treatments have natural healing properties which stimulates the blood flow and helps to rid the body of toxins. Some of the more popular body treatments concise of seaweed or clay. They are packed full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Unbeatable for contouring the body and helping to improve the skins elasticity. They also noticeably reduce cellulite & deeply nourish the skin.


Finishing with a Soothing Massage Most of these treatments finish with a relaxing massage. Nourishing creams and firming lotions are smoothed over your skin. Leaving it cleaner, softer, tighter, and more youthful looking.


The benefits of Body treatments Are unbeatable head to toe and are perfect for the persons who are looking for that ‘supplementary thing’ to help them maximize on their weight loss program and help with their health regime. It is recommended that a series of treatments is done with continued use of the right products at home for the utmost results.


We also recommend that you invest in a Body Brush They are a quick and an easy way to stimulate circulation and wake up your skin. Every time you body brush it is said that you lose a pound of toxins. IT’S AMAZING in addition to help smooth out that dreaded cellulite.


Stress relief and beautiful glowing skin? YES PLEASE!



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