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Tips to help YOU achieve TOTAL WELLNESS in 2023

Jan 2023

The word wellness is often talked about.
We’ve heard it in the news, on social media, at work and the frequency has increased even more since the pandemic.


Here are some great ways to improve your overall wellness.


Exercise: Get Your Sweat On
Physical health plays a huge role in our wellbeing. It is recommended to get at least 2 hours of some form of exercise per week. Getting enough exercise helps to control your weight, strengthens your bones, muscles, lowers the risk of diseases, improves your mental health & mood. It is said to prolong lives.


Eat Healthy: Clean Up Your Diet
Following a balanced diet is important for overall wellbeing. It is recommended to follow a diet low in sugar, saturated fats, and sodium. Also making sure to eat lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, plenty of vegetables and fruits. Eating Healthy also controls weight, increases your energy, improves your skin, and lowers the risk of disease.

Start with baby steps and replace unhealthy foods one step at a time for a healthier option.


Be Positive: Let Go of All Toxic Relationships
Being positive is essential for your total wellbeing. Joining social clubs, staying in touch with your loved ones, volunteering in your community are some great ways to stay active and ward off feelings of loneliness, which can lead to sickness and depression.  

Gossipy and abusive people will only drag you down to their miserable level, so cut them loose and stay upbeat by removing toxic people from your life. You will reduce the chances of you suffering from more stress, high blood pressure, risk of heart disease and a weakened immunity.


Seek Peace of Mind: Practice Spirituality
Spirituality is also necessary for your total wellbeing and emotional mindset. It is a personal journey that often makes us focus on what’s important in our lives. Some ways to do this is by adding yoga, tai chi, meditating during stressful times or helping at your local church / joining a group of likeminded persons towards a certain purpose.




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