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What is a Manicure with a Paraffin Treatment?

Oct 2022



It is a Manicure that includes a Paraffin Wax Treatment. The wax is often mixed with essential oils like lavender, tea tree, peppermint, or aloe vera to double the benefits in the process and give it a soothing scent. 


You’ve probably noticed “Paraffin” on your Salon’s Menu, and you’ve also probably wondered what Paraffin was.


Paraffin Wax is anti-aging treatment (amongst other benefits) for hands that is both therapeutic & economical.


Did you know your hands can age you?


Most of us focus on our face and neck when concerned with aging and often forget about our hands.


We’ve broken down everything you need to know about this softening, smoothing treatment.


What are the benefits of having a Paraffin Treatment?


Combining a Paraffin Treatment along with your Manicure will help hydrated and moisturized your skin on a much deeper level. Especially the problems areas like your knuckles and elbows. It is also great for healing dry and cracked hands, making them silky and smooth again. Once the wax hardens around your hands, it opens your pores to release any dirt or toxins, while also removing any dead skin cells.


Paraffin Wax helps add moisture to the skin while developing a barrier to retain your natural oils. This treatment contains a lot of oils and moisturizers to help prevent you from getting dry cuticles and hang nails.


The hot oils in these treatments will help to open the pores in your skin and allow moisturizers to work their magic, increasing your skins elasticity & mobility. It is also known to help relieve pain.


The thermotherapy benefits of this treatment increases blood flow, relaxed muscles and reduced stiffness in joints, so it’s recommended for people who suffer from arthritis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia and other joint mobility issues.


Soft melted Paraffin Wax combined with the massage from a Manicure will prevent fatigued & muscles soreness in over worked hands.


Always remember your hands are one of the most delicate and thin-skinned areas on your body. They will only look younger if you take extra good care of them.

It's a completely natural ingredient, but Paraffin Treatments not recommended for people with hypertension, diabetes, or varicose veins.



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