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Beautiful Nails On The Go!

Sep 2021

Are you looking for ways to make your nails beautiful?


With our hectic lives it sometime seems impossible to keep our nails from looking good and the polish from chipping!


Get creative with us and feel confident to show off your hands and nails.


Receive a full set of hard gel, gel polish or acrylic nails, it will give your nails that extra durability, plus the polish will last longer on your artificial nails.


For Color - Mylar, Confetti or Glitter can be added into the actual acrylic powder so you do don’t have to worry about your polish ever chipping.


Get Nail Art - With nail art the design possibilities are endless.  You can do one nail or several nails. There are many different options e.g., Marbling, ombre, 3D, glitter and Crystal designs which can be added to accentuate the designs or the nail polish.


French tip is always a classic - You can get it done with several nude or pastel colors instead of the plain white tip if you are bored of just doing that.


For those of us that already have long & strong nails - I recommend putting on gel polish. It’s a great option for natural nails; OPI gel polish offers a large variety of gel polish colors and glitters to choose from. It doesn’t chip easily, and nail breakage is minimal. Gel polish goes on like regular nail polish but last much longer. It can last for up to two weeks without losing its sheen.


For the ladies that want to stay totally natural we recommend a bi-weekly manicure with a finish of a nail strengthener.


 At home care like cuticle oil and a good hand moisturizer should be applied at least once a day, this will keep your cuticles from drying out and it will give your nails the right nutrients.


Remember to not use your nails to pick or scratch any hard surface, by doing this it will damage your nails and cause acrylic nails, gel nail & gel polish to crack or lift.



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