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Beauty Tips for busy Moms

Apr 2018








1. Under-eye puffiness be gone! With lukewarm caffeinated Green Tea Bags. The Caffeine will stimulate circulation & relieve fluid retention, whilst the antioxidants in Green Tea will have additional wrinkle fighting benefits. Or try chilled metal spoons! Place the rounded end of the spoon on the eyes until they turn warm for instant puffiness relief.

2. Great skin little effort! I recommend keeping your cleanser & face scrub in the shower for easy use. Go for a spray-on toner to instantly hydrate your skin, keep your moisturizers by your toothbrush... that way you will always remember to put them on & lastly choose a facemask you can sleep in, your skin will be younger looking and glowing in no time!

3. Instant Lashes! Wake up looking instantly refreshed by treating yourself to an Eyelash Perm & Tint. Imagine not having to apply mascara for up to 4 months! Or for the false lash look why not try dipping a Q-tip in some baby powder & dust it onto your lashes in between coats of volumizing mascara! The powder works as a natural thickening agent.

4. No time for a full Mani / Pedi? Book in for a quick polish change. For less than $20 and doable in your baby’s nap time this will instantly refresh your nails & make them look as good as new!


5. Instant Glow! Bet you didn’t realize that applying a little baby oil to your cheekbones can get you that instant dewy fresh look!

6. Invest in a Dry Shampoo! This Product will be your lifesaver, instead of washing your hair every day Dry Shampoo will be your rescue. Simply spray it into your hair, work it through thoroughly and then brush it out. Voila! You will have instantly cleaner hair to last you another day!


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