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Beauty Tips for the Festive Season!

Nov 2019

Start Body Brushing daily from now! Always brush upwards towards your heart. Body Brushing improves YOUR circulation.

It is said that every time we body brush, we lose a pound of toxins!

AND ladies, body brushing is EXCELLENT for reducing the appearance of cellulite!


Sip on ginger tea or make a delicious lemon, cucumber and mint detox water.  All these ingredients have incredible detoxifying effects to help us de-bloat so we can feel much more comfortable in your little black dress.


It’s the season to celebrate! But just remember alcohol not only dehydrates your body it also leaves your skin dehydrated, dull and grey too! I recommend using an exfoliator on your face at least once a week to stimulate circulation and apply a brightening hydrating face mask

once or twice a week to ensure your skin is as radiant as ever!


Something that is still really on trend right now are at home eye patch treatments. These soothing and hydrating eye patches are super simple to use and provide excellent results! Just pop them on whilst you’re having your breakfast or getting ready for the day and you will instantly see the improvement in the look of fine lines, under-eye puffiness and darkness!


Invest in a dry shampoo! This product will be your life saver in between parties! Not only will it absorb excess oils and make your hair smell fresh again, it will also mean less frequent shampooing which will save your hair from heat styling damage and colour loss!


And lastly don’t forget to book your Christmas Hair, Nails and Beauty appointments early to avoid disappointments! 


Need help? Come in to see one of our Hair Stylists, Nail Technicians or Beauty Therapists and let them take care of you.


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