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Benefits of a Facial Chemical Peel

Oct 2017



Are you conscious of dark spots or lines on your face?





- Facial peels involve the application of different enzymes and chemicals to exfoliate the skin.

They are different types of facial peels that suits different skin types. Some examples are Lactic Acid, vitamin C peel, Hydroxy Acid

and Glycolic Acid just to name a few.

- Your face and neck is usually subjected to the sun daily even if in small amounts, so over a period of time this may result in having wrinkles,

premature aging and sun damaged skin resulting in darker pigmentation. Getting a facial peel help will eliminate these problems

leaving you with a more youthful glow.

- Receiving a facial peel will also maintain the appearance of your skin making it look brighter and smoother.
- For best results it is recommended to do a facial peel once to twice a month in a series of 5 treatments over a 4-5 months period.


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