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Enhance your features with Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting!

May 2021
  • The brows act as a natural frame for the face and the eyelashes help to enhance the eyes, but even the best-shaped brows may not set off your eyes if the hair is fine, sparse, or pale in color.


  • Brow tinting may be your solution. The application is easy, and the process is quick. Just like having your hair colored, brow tinting changes the color and gives the illusion of thickness & dimension to your brows.


  • If you are used to using black mascara already as a make-up essential for your eyelashes, choosing the black tint may help benefit your overall look.


  • Eyelash tinting is extremely practical and timesaving because daily application of mascara can be avoided!


  • It can be very particular when going on vacation to a seaside place, especially if you will be swimming a lot. You will not have to worry so much about your make-up.


  • Eyelash & eyebrow tinting involves careful application of safe natural dyes to your lashes and brows.


  • It can last up to six weeks depending on your lifestyle.


  • It takes about 15 minutes to apply the tint and for it to process.
  • Mascara may serve a necessary purpose of thickening the lashes but imagine removing your mascara and maintaining definition of your eyes.
  • Brow /Eyelash tinting can be easily combined while receiving other relaxing treatments.


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