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Eyelashes TO DIE FOR!

Apr 2022

The secret to long, beautiful, curved lashes and it’s not an eyelash curler!


An Eyelash PERM / LIFT is a safe and effective treatment that is suitable for both men and women.


  • An Eyelash Perm/Lift is a face-enhancing beauty treatment designed to give straight, short, or long lashes an attractive upwards curve without the daily need to use an eyelash curler or Mascara.
  • Anyone can benefit from this treatment.
  • It instantly creates the illusion of more length, bigger, brighter, ultra-feminine eyes.
  • An Eyelash Perm/Lift is perfect for brides to be, ladies going on vacation, scuba divers, athletes or lashes that are too long just to name a few things.
  • Seawater and sweat can all take their toll on make-up, and false eyelashes might not be able to withstand some of these lifestyles….
  • Anyone with a particularly busy schedule will appreciate the low-maintenance nature of the Eyelash Perm / Lift.
  • We recommend the treatment is done by a trained professional who does these applications for your total safety.
  • It is a relaxing treatment that lasts up to 1 hour. Some persons even fall asleep during the process.
  • This semi-permanent treatment can last for up to 8 weeks depending on your lifestyle.


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