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Frame your Face

Jun 2013

Shaping your eyebrows can make a dramatic difference in your look. You want your eyebrows to look natural while accentuating your eye area and framing your face. Here are a few tips to get your perfect brows!


• Always have a plan before you start tweezing. The most common mistake we see in the salon is over tweezing. Begin by brushing your eyebrows up with a firm eyebrow brush or soft toothbrush. This will show any stray hairs that fall beneath your natural line.


• To determine exactly where your brow should begin, hold a Q-tip vertically against the side of your nose straight up to the brow. Mark the spot with an eyeliner pencil. For close-set eyes, you may want to start the brow slightly wider apart to create a more open look. For wide-set eyes, try allowing the brows to grow a bit closer together. Tweeze away all stray hairs left between your brows.


• If you have a natural arch, work with it.  If you need to create one, look into your eyes. The arch of your eyebrow should fall directly above the outside of your iris. You can also find this spot by placing a Q-tip against the bottom of your nose, slanting it over your pupil. Mark the place where the Q-tip intersects your eyebrow as the top of the arch.


• The brow should end about a third of an inch beyond the eye in an upward fashion. If it grows down too far it will drag your eye down. You can determine where to end your brow by holding an eyeliner pencil or make up brush from the bottom of your nostril to the edge of your lash line. All hairs that appear after the place where the pencil meets your eyebrow can be removed.


• Begin tweezing from underneath the brow, removing one hair at a time from the inside of the brow to the outside. If part of your brow is thin enough already do not over tweeze.


• Always remember not to tweeze from the top of your eyebrow. Its okay to remove a few strays from the top corners but tweezing from the top will distort your natural brow. As we get older, one of the first areas of our face to show age is our eye area. As the skin above our eyes begins to sag so do our eyebrows. Tweezing from underneath your eyebrow will give the illusion of more eyelid area, more open eyes and lessen the effects of lack of tone and elasticity. If you tweeze from the top, your eyebrows will just get thinner and your definition and shape will be lost.


Once your brows are well shaped, you can enhance them or fill them in as needed. Brow pencils, tinted gels and powders will all help to define your new style and hold the hairs in place.


Creating the most flattering shape and arch can be challenging. Whenever in doubt about finding your perfect shape, do consult a professional. 


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