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Get that FACIAL GLOW for a lifetime!

Aug 2022



Most Facials follow a similar procedure Skin analysis, cleanse, steam, exfoliate, extract, massage, mask-hydrate. Some will have a treatment or added tool used, depending on your skin's individual needs.


There are several different types of Facials on the market that are designed towards different skin needs.  Examples are Facials for aging & firming, lymphatic drainage, acne breakouts, dullness & dry skin to name a few.



Why do I have to see a professional?

An Esthetician / Beauty Therapist is trained to analyse and educate you on your skin type, what treatments will work best for it, deep cleanse your pores and help balance your skin, advise you on your diet for acne control, recommend things to do and products on how to care for your skin at home.


It’s important to receive professional skin care advice early on as this will set you up with good habits & beautiful skin for a lifetime.


How often should you have a Facial? 

Beauty professionals recommend having a Facial once a month. You skin regenerates about every 28 days so it's best to treat your skin at the end of the skin-life cycle every month. A monthly / bi-monthly appointment is recommended for people with specific skin concerns for example dryness, scarring, acne, etc. This timing is also a great way to see what's working and what isn't for your skin.


How long does a Facial take to do? 
Appointments are usually an hour to an hour & a half depending on your skin type needs.


Which Facial is best for your concern?

Before booking a Facial, it's important to know what you want to get out of the treatment. Is it lift? Acne help? Hydration? A deep cleanse?). Your Esthetician / Beauty Therapist will be able to analyse and recommend the best Facial for your skin's needs.


Remember like everything else it's up to you to put in the work after a Facial.


Results will last longer if you’re following your Skin Care Specialist advise on a proper home regime by using the right products for your skin consistently.


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