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Getting ready for YOUR SUMMER Special Occasions!

Jul 2023



With Grand Cayman being a hot spot for Weddings, Galas, Proms and even Vacations/Staycations we want to share with you some of our top tips on looking and feeling your best for your special occasion.



Plan in advance!


If a big event is coming up then I guarantee your favorite Salon/Spa will get booked up very quickly. Always make sure you book in for your appointments well in advance!  


Note to Brides: Don’t forget to book in for your hair & make-up trials also to ensure you get the exact look you are hoping for.



Refresh your Skin!


For any special occasion you want your skin to be glowing! I recommend having a rejuvenating facial & a invigorating body polish treatment. Your skin will be super soft, radiant and you will have the perfect canvas for your make-up application. Or if you are on a budget and need to save some money do it at home!  Treat your skin to a brightening or hydrating mask every day for a week leading up to the special event. This is guaranteed to give you an enviable glow.  



Achieving the perfect Up-Do!


For this we recommend you wash your hair at least a day or two before to allow some of your scalp’s natural oils to come through, this way your hair is easier to style and your new do will last for longer. This also helps with fewer fly-a-ways!





Planning for any special event can really take its toll and put your stress levels through the roof! Try and fit in some yoga sessions to help you relax, get your nails done or have a soothing massage. Not only will you then feel great but it will show in your face and in your posture too!



Hangover Skin Cure!


If you have a little too many cocktails the night before any special occasion, it will show in your face. Put cold packs on your eyes (cucumbers or sandwich bags of peas will work too) and use some Vitamin C enriched moisturizer to try and put a little sparkle back into your complexion.



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