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Glacial Shells Detox Treatment A must for Detoxifying

Nov 2020



This treatment uses Ice Therapy to target the trouble spots that a lot of women have problems with. The stomach, legs, and intestines are targeted with deep strokes that encourage the Lymphatic System to purify the body. This service is a very comfortable and relaxing treatment. With the Glacial Shells Treatment, the Tiger Shells used are mostly cool. It acts as a non-invasive colonic, so it’s ideal as part of a weight loss program, as well as a stress soother, a treatment for IBS and menstrual cramps. The therapist will use a therapeutic contrast of two chilled Glacial Shells and one heated Lava Shell. The aim of it is to promote wellness and balance. It will leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted. After your Glacial Shell Treatment, you are guaranteed to feel invigorated, a lot less bloated and you will also notice a reduction in water retention!

It is recommended to do it a few times and is a great service to get you ready for that special occasion!


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