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Hair Colour For Everyone!

Nov 2018



We often Colour our hair to create a different look, to cover grey hair or to brighten our existing colour. Colour can also be used for more vibrancy, richness and texture to your hair style. It is an excellent way to accentuate a hairstyle and add interest to your hair.


When choosing which kind of Colour is best suited for you there are many things to consider, such as your hairstyle, skin tone and your lifestyle. You also need to take into consideration how consistent you are or can be in visiting your Salon/Stylist.


There are many ways in which Hair Colour can be applied to give different effects:


Permanent Colours

Full colour, Hi-lights, Low-lights, Slicing, Shadowing, Ombre to name a few are all different methods that Permanent Colours can be applied to permanently alter the pigments of the hair. This gives you and your Stylist a wide range and the flexibility of Colour choice. Also, Permanent Colours give the best results in grey coverage of more than 50% grey hair and can be used for several different levels of lift (lightening) your hair colour. Depending on the condition of your hair it is recommended to do/get regular deep treatments.


Semi & Demi-Permanent Colours and Vegetable Dyes

These colours are ideal for clients who don’t want to commit to a Permanent Colour. They are deposit Colours only and will not alter the natural or underlying pigment of your hair. Semi-Permanent Colours will not lighten the hair as there is no ammonia or peroxide present. The benefits of a Semi-Permanent Hair Colour are to add tone, shine and richness to the hair, as well as blending the first traces of grey. These Colours will last 4 – 6 weeks when the hair is cared for by using the proper salon products. Since the Colour fades out gradually, there is no re-growth demarcation (line) and therefore you can change your Colour easily.

In order to maintain your new coloured hair, we always recommend that you use professional colour-enhancing & sulfate free shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair in good health .It is also recommend that you schedule your colour touch-ups to be booked every 4 – 8 weeks depending on the rate of your hair growth and the method of colouring used to maintain it.


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