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Men's Grooming 101

Jun 2019

Stop washing your face with regular soaps

While an all in one would be convenient, it can also take its toll on the sensitive skin on your face.  Antibacterial soaps dry out your skin and can cause irritation and even eczema.  Instead opt for a gentle cleanser that is right for your skin type.


Put SPF on your face every day!
Do not leave the house without sunscreen! The sun’s harmful rays cause early signs of aging, burns and increase your risk of melanoma.  A moisturizer with SPF would be most ideal if you’re not one to fuss around with too many products.


Condition your hair daily
Conditioning can keep your hair looking healthy & shiny especially if it’s longer than 2 inches.  In a climate like ours we recommend using a leave-in conditioner to help protect your color from fading or changing in the sun.


Wash off pore clogging products at night
Did you know that your gel & sculpting paste can lead to break outs on the forehead & face (from build up on your pillow)?  Wash your hair before you go to bed, this will also prevent build up on your hair and allow your scalp to breathe.


Keep your skin soft and moisturized
We know you work hard, but that’s no excuse to have dry rough skin- Exfoliate to remove dry dead skin and help cellular turnover.  Use a light scented moisturizer all over and don’t forget your knees, elbows & heels!


Keep your lips kissably soft
Keep your lips soft and moisturized- use a liquid balm and run a toothbrush over your lips to help remove any dead skin.


Tame your brows
Men absolutely need to groom their brows just as women do. To maintain a non feminine look pluck away stray hairs only at the unibrow area and any hairs that fall below the natural arch of the brow.  Brush the brows straight up and trim away any unruly hairs using cuticle or mustache scissors.


Keep your nails clean
You don’t have to have the full manicure treatment, if that’s not your thing- although we highly recommend it! Keep nails clipped, filed and clean regularly under the nail to keep bacteria and fungi from growing there.  Try using cuticle oil daily and always clip hangnails so they don’t become infected.


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