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Jan 2019


Spend less time on social media: If you are spending more than an hour every day on social media, it’s time to make a change! Pick up the phone and make that much needed call to your family or friends or get that massage! This might be what you need to make your day!


Get in shape: A new year resolution of losing weight is at the top of the list for most people. It’s easy to start a diet and exercise program, but the trick is to find the right one for you. This will make it easier for you to stick to it in the long run. In some people case it might just be a matter of adding one more day to your current program or focusing a bit more on a diet that involves more greens.


Start eating healthier food, and less food overall:  When YOU are surrounded by cheap junk food, starting a healthier diet can be a TOUGH THING TO DO. Try to keep healthy snacks on you always AND find ways that will work for you to control emotional eating. With a good amount of determination, you will find yourself developing healthier eating habits.


Get more quality sleep: 7- 8 hours of sleep a night is needed for optimal health. Always set reminders to turn your TV’s, smartphones, computers etc. off or on silent at least a half hour before going to bed. This will help to silent your mind AND relax you for a good night’s sleep.


Reduce stress: Stress is one of the biggest killers out there. It can have a very destructive effect on your health. It may be an unavoidable side effect of the hectic modern lifestyles we live today, but with the focus on YOUR HEALTH and your determination with all these things, you can be in control of it!


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