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New Year, New You!!

Jan 2018





Try following some of these simple guidelines to ensure 2018 gets off to the best start for YOU!


- Make it a routine. Achieving flawless skin, beautiful nails and healthy glossy hair will not just happen overnight

  make sure you are following your skincare routine at home religiously! 

- Get your appointments booked in advance. We all have busy lifestyles and time just flies by! Before you know it

  your monthly spa service happens once every 6 months. Allow us to help you keep on track by scheduling your services ahead of time.

- Be the trendsetter! 2018 brings in new hairstyles! Ladies think curls curls and more curls. The bigger the better! 

  Bobs with a fringe are also on trend. Guys the tapered hair cut or the textured crop are huge styles for the New Year.

- Change up your colour! Dirty Blondes are back.  We are talking dark roots and warm golden tones. Last year we saw a lot

  of pastel colours and grey, this year add in some shiny metallic silver tones.

- Accessorize your look… if you’re wary of going for the chop then accessorize your look instead! Scrunchies are back! Along with

  hair bands, head scarves and barrettes stand out from the crowd and wear them with pride.

- Nails… We are often asked what colours are ‘in’ right now. 2018 calls for glossy greys, metallics, multiple coloured nails

  (why choose one nail colour when you can choose three!) and single line nail art. Try something new, same is boring!

- Having a detox? Come and visit us! Try out our relaxing Glacial Shell Detox Treatment that focuses on the legs & tummy

  to de-bloat and aids in eliminating water retention. 



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