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Rescue your dehydrated skin!

Mar 2018







1. Drench your skin with water-boosting skincare products. Super rich / thick creams aren’t always the answer for dehydrated skin. Your skin requires water-attracting ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, which can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water.


2. Exfoliate Regularly, Your skin takes 28 days to renew itself so buffing away the dead skin cells is essential to reveal radiant new skin! This step is also crucial so that your hydrating products are able to penetrate deeply and achieve the best results possible.


3. Sleep in a Moisturizing Face Mask, This might sound crazy but most skincare lines have now produced Face Masks that you can sleep in overnight!

Your skin will welcome the weekly ritual of sleeping with a deeply moisturizing mask on, and don’t worry about making a mess of your sheets I can guarantee your skin will soak the mask up before your head even hits the pillow!


4. Book a course of 30 minute Chemical Facial Peels. The thought of this may seem daunting to most, but our Facials Peels are gentle yet highly effective. Great for all skin types and the perfect service you can even have over your lunch break. I’d recommend our Vitamin C Peel as it is most effective to replenish moisture loss, your skin will be instantly rejuvenated with an incredible radiant glow.


5. Avoid long steamy showers! Hot water strip skin of its moisture and washes away protective oils. Try and limit showers to 10 minutes with a burst of cool water at the end to awaken the skin and close your pores.


6. And lastly for added skin protection apply a cream containing Vitamin C to your face under your sun block. The cream will help to prevent skin damage, wrinkles & dehydration.


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