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Taking Care Of Your Dry & Damaged Hair

Sep 2017



Are you tired of having dry, dull hair?




-Dryness may be caused by a variety of different things. This may be caused by chemical services such as hi-light’s and relaxers or environmental influences such as change in weather. Dry hair may also be caused by using the wrong products at home care.


-When your hair is processed chemically, often times your hair looses moisture first.


-When moisture is lost, deep conditioning treatments will help to replenish moisture.


-Your hair is made up of a vital protein called Keratin. Keratin in liquid form can help seal the cuticle of your hair and also strengthen it from the outside in.


-Using the right product for your hair is vital. Many products such as hair gels and sprays have a high alcohol content, which can lead to excessively dry hair. I recommend that you consult with your hairstylist on what is best for your hair.


-Many of us are using flat irons and other heat tools to achieve our finished look, but these tools if used on too high of heat can damage your hair and cause dryness. Using a heat protector product is vital when using these tools to protect your hair from damage.


-Quality hot tools such as ceramic or tourmaline are better to use because of even heat distribution and temperature control.


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