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The difference between Gel Nails & Gel Nail Polishes

Oct 2019

It is common for ladies to be uncertain of what nail treatment they are receiving because there are so many different types & names these days to choose from!

For example- Gel nails, Acrylic nails, Gel manicures, Shellac nails and the list can go on.


Today we also have several different brands of Gel Nails & Gel Polish Systems on the market e.g. OPI, Shellac, Gelish, Tammy Taylor, Jessica Geleration, Young Nails……Just to name a few.


This can all be very confusing if you don’t know what you want and are relying solely on your nail tech’s decision.


Gel Nails are an artificial nail enhancement that can be applied over your natural nail. They are applied with a brush from a jar or tub, the gel is odorless, and you put your hand under a UV lamp between every coat of Gel.


Gel Nail Polish however is applied in the same way as regular nail polish at the end of any nail treatment. It is then cured under an LED light for a longer lasting colour.


Both methods are known to help with nail growth and strengthening your natural nails so long as they are removed correctly.


We do not recommend that you remove your own Gel Nail Polish…...

Please make sure that you or your nail technician do not peel it off or drill it off entirely with force as this could damage your nail bed.


Please note: If the nail tech dips her nail brush in a liquid and then into a powder, the product has a strong odor, it is air dried and no lamp is used between layers, it is an Acrylic Nail.



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