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Jul 2021

Massage can be used as a form of relaxation, to therapeutic treatment. Receiving a Massage not only allows you time to pamper yourself, but it also has many health benefits.


 Here are a few:



Relieves Stress – Massage helps your pulse to slow down and not race, your muscles will relax, and your blood pressure can lower. Our body can then increase the production of endorphins and the release of serotonin and dopamine. Endorphins helps to makes us feel good, serotonin helps us relax and dopamine eases pain. With this combination massage will help reduce stress.


Promotes Relaxation – Massage helps to release a cocktail of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. It also helps to reduces the stress hormone cortisol. In addition, massage increases blood flow and oxygen to tight and sore muscles, releasing tension and encourages healing.


Improves Sleep – Massage helps to release serotonin which helps us to be calm and releases melatonin our sleep hormone that helps to regulate our sleep cycles. Melatonin is released by the pituitary gland. Massage also helps to reset our circadian rhythms. As a result, massage therapy may be able to help us find a more natural sleep cycle.


Reduces Migraine or Headaches – Studies have shown that massage does reduce migraine pain. When we eliminate tension, reduce other areas of pain, find our regular sleep cycles, the frequency of migraines and other headache pain may lessen.


Everyone can benefit from Massage Therapy - From the young and the old to all those in between.

Always consult with your Therapist prior to Massage -  Inform them of any conditions such as heart problems, asthma, high blood pressure, allergies, or any chronic pain or pregnancy.


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