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Thermal Ionic Japanese Straightening

Oct 2020

There is a solution for the person who fights frizz, waves and curls. If you have always wanted straight silky shinny hair and could not achieve it then Thermal Ionic Japanese Straightening is for you! Thermal Straightening is an amazing service that can alter your hair structure for up to 6 months or longer. This service will make your hair silky, straight and shinny with total manageability that will not be affected by humidity or rain! Thermal Straightening is perfectly safe on all types of hair including colored and highlighted hair. A customized Thermal Straightening system is used to best suit your hair needs. This procedure is much different than any other straightening service out there. It has an ionic system that has a leave in conditioner to help maintain the strength and moisture of the hair. After completing the Thermal Straightening you need to let your hair “rest” for 48 hours. During this “rest period” you should refrain from shampooing, putting any clips, ponytail holders, headbands, or any other hair ornaments in your hair. This helps prevent any unnecessary breakage or creases in you hair. After the 48-hour “resting period” you can do anything you want with your newly straightened hair. Several months later you will notice your curl returning at the roots. When it becomes too much work to straighten your hair with the blow dryer then you need a touch up. A retouch is needed every 6 months depending on you hair growth to maintain the silky manageability of your hair on average. Thermal Straightening is the best service out there that turns curly hair silky straight. After straightening your hair it will be in as good if not better condition than when you started! Humidity and rain will NO longer affect your hair! When your hair has been Thermally Straightened you can cut your styling time in half and achieve silky straight hairstyles you always wanted. 


For more information schedule a FREE consultation with your Stylist  to find out if this method will work for you and your hair. All our highly trained Stylist are here to help you with making the right choose for you. Or for more information call ECLIPZE HAIR DESIGE AND DAY SPA at 945-1188 / 9167274.